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Kommunikation - Automatisierte E-Mails und Benachrichtigungen für Sie und Ihre Mitarbeiter

Easily notify your staff for incoming tours and more!

TicketingHub allows you to receive various automatic emails and notifications. Here is a simplified guide on how to set these up:

How to Enable Notifications

Log into your TicketingHub account.
Navigate to Settings > Users
Click on the blue megaphone icon next to the user for whom you want to enable notifications.
Select the desired types of notifications.

To enable notifications: Settings > Users > Click on the blue megaphone icon > Check the types of notifications to enable

Adjusting the Timing for the Manifest Email

Log into your TicketingHub account.
Click on your product.
Navigate to Settings > Advanced Settings.
Click Edit (top-right corner).
Adjust the timing for when the manifest is sent (the default setting is 30 minutes prior).

To adjust timing: Click on a Product > Settings > Advanced Settings > Edit > Adjust Manifest Notice > Update Product

By following these steps, you can customize your TicketingHub notifications to better manage your events and bookings.

Types of Notifications

Weekly Summary: Receive a weekly summary of all sales via email.
Daily Summary: Get a daily update on all sales via email.
Guide Manifest: The assigned tour guide receives an email with the list of attendees 30 minutes prior to the tour (timing can be adjusted).
Every Manifest: Receive an email with the list of attendees 30 minutes before the tour (timing can be adjusted).
First Booking for Option: Receive an email notification for the first purchase made for a new product (useful for testing).
Confirmed Orders: Get an email each time a purchase is made.
Cancelled Bookings: This is a notification for each cancelled booking. Bookings can only be cancelled from the backend.
Provisional Orders: Receive an email when a provisional order is created. These orders can only be created by you or your staff in the back end.
Confirmed Provisional Orders: Get an email when a provisional order is confirmed.
Transfer Statements: Receive an email each time the payment gateway transfers money to your bank account (useful for finance tracking).
Last Minute Booking Notice: Receive an email for same-day bookings.
Extra Stock Threshold: This notification is for when you run out of your stock for you Extras. You can set the Threshold when you create your extra.
Event Capacity Reached: We will let you know you reached capacity so you can potentially add more.
Extra Purchased: We send you a message when someone buys an extra so you can prepare for it.

Updated on: 12/07/2023

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